Website Management Services

Creating your online presence is one thing, and getting your site designed and online will be the fun part, but keeping it online is the boring bit.

We offer a range of website management services to make sure you stay online and are always running the latest version of the software, plugins and widgets your website uses, as well as keeping your site safe from hackers and security breeches.

Our packages start from as little as £55 per month but can be tailored for each client so you only use the services you need.



We offer two tiers of hosting. Should you have a basic website then you might be safe to go with our standard hosting. Standard hosting utilises a shared hosting platform on cluster servers.

Premium hosting comes together with our security packages. This is our own dedicated server which is managed in house by our technical experts. The server is fast and because its managed by us, it gives us more scope to ensure your services are correctly met.


Security / Backups

There is no better time than now to secure your website and its data. We offer fully managed security packages to ensure your site is kept free from hackers and cyber attacks.

We offer a monthly backup service which can be engaged at any interval, to take full backups of your site. Front end files and database backups are safely stored on cloud servers hosted by Amazon.


So we’ve built your website, and now you’d like to keep it up to date and fresh with regular content updates, but, you just don’t have the time. This is something we hear regularly.

Our content update packages ensure that your content is updated by us, as often as you’d like, without any hassle at all!

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