Online marketing has, in recent years, taken over from offline marketing in terms of the way we interact most with our customers and target audience.

Customers’ decision making and purchasing behaviour is governed primarily by the information that is available to them in an instant online, which is the reason why your website and social media need to be first-rate.

There are three main areas that are important in online marketing:




You need to be found

A well optimised website will enable your website, and therefore your products/services, to be found in organic internet searches. Profectus can help with this via our SEO services.

Look professional, consistent and current

All of our websites use your company’s corporate identity (or we can help you with rebranding) to ensure that your site has a professional look. We can also help in making your social media accounts carry the same branding, for a consistent, professional look across your whole online portfolio.


Interact with customers and targets

The internet has given us a cost effective and instant method of communicating with our customers and target audience at the click of a button. Social media can be used to interact with a mass audience or individuals and email marketing is an effective way of delivering relevant information right to your customers’ inboxes

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