We didn’t just celebrate with cake. Oh no, we went the whole hog and re-developed our website.

With it’s new SVG graphic animations and brand new layout we think you’ll agree it’s deserving of it’s status as our birthday gift to ourselves.

This site has take 6 months of discussion, design, animation and development.


Collaboration with our designer has been paramount. Between her design ideas and my development capabilities¬† you can’t help but see where imagination meets practicality. We wanted to create something unique in its delivery. We believe with its slick animated headers and subtle lines we’ve achieved that.¬† Each section of this site is perfectly crafted to work seamlessly with the next ensuring a perfect user experience.


The site took some time to develop. The hardest thing of course being those animations. CSS animations have been around for a while now and are becoming the norm with developers.

It’s imperative as a developer that we keep up with the latest technologies and trends and thus keep ours and our clients websites current.


Keeping content current and relevant is the key to any websites appearance on Google these days. With Scott’s excellent knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation and my own experience of building and writing website’s we came up with content that will keep you interested and work with Google.

We hope you’ll stay a while and have a look around our site. If you’d like more information then simply drop me an email!

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