The importance of social media engagement through the Christmas period and beyond

While you may want to relax over Christmas, it can be a crucial time to attract visitors to your site. Join in on the festivities and reap the rewards. If you forget to keep the ball rolling over the Christmas period, it can be harder than you might expect to pick engagement back up in the New Year.

The Christmas Spirit

Christmas is the time of year when the nation relaxes. Offices close and people go home to spend time with their families. While people aren’t at work, it’s even easier to get noticed on social media as they scroll through their feeds and engage with content.

Additionally, you can get involved in Christmas yourself! Why not put aside the everyday content for some festive fun? It could be as simple as wishing your followers a happy holiday, launching a festive competition, or you could get creative and integrate Christmas into your brand through the use of customised pictures, logos and videos. For example, many people choose to edit Christmas hats, baubles and tinsel into their digital marketing material for that extra element of festivity.

Continued Engagement

If you look at engagement over the course of a year, there are always going to be natural peaks and slumps. What is vital is to keep going with content—each thing that is posted on social media can gain you attention and attract people to your brand. Every bit of content that is liked, commented on, or shared will widen your audience as it causes your post to make an even bigger impression, being seen by even more people. Don’t go the whole Christmas period without posting; keep it regular to ensure that you keep getting a high rate of engagement.

Profectus are here to help guide you this Christmas in the fast-changing world of social media and help you use these channels to get the best for your business.

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